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Things you must do to accelerate Startup Promotion
Emma Wilson
June 11, 2018

Marketing is a contest for people’s attention. It’s how you market your product determines its brand creation in the minds of consumers.

Startups often faced challenges in its early phase to promote its products due to lack of sufficient funds. Traditional ways of marketing are expensive if compare with the ROI it provides.

Here we are presenting you some innovative and cost-effective ways to market your product:

  1. Create a virtual image of your ideal customer

Before you start any marketing tactics, get clear about which type of customers do you want to focus on. This will help in further strategizing your marketing efforts. You can also see your competitors and get an idea of whom they are focusing and what portion of audience they are missing. Get a leg up in the competition by prepare marketing strategy for that portion of the audience too.

  1. Focus on the target audience

Instead of wasting your energy and money to the masses who don’t have any interest in your product, focus only on your target audience. The target audience has more chances of converting into customers. This also helps in cutting down the marketing cost.

  1. Leverage benefits of content marketing

Content marketing is the only marketing left.  But you should be very apprehend of the fact that without a proper strategy, it is not going to reap off any benefits. Create blogs that answers the queries of your customers. Also, try to keep it detailed and lengthy as google is more likely to rank blogs that is not only good in quality but also have ample amount of information.

  1. Don’t lose hope

You will not get success in one go. Success is constantly trying inspite of the fear of losing again. Measure the results of your marketing efforts again and again and do the changes wherever required.

  1. Start networking

Look for people who got expertise in your product’s space. Meet them in personal. If not possible, strike up a conversation online. The motivate is to build a relationship with people who are continuously writing, blogging, commenting or retweeting about the products like yours.

  1. Maintain a good Online Reputation

Keep a close eye on bad reviews of your company spread by your competitors. Set up google alerts to see who all are commenting about you. When you get to see a series of  bad comments, target them by creating many positive reviews. This will bury bad reviews or decrease its effect of on the customers.

  1. Combine online and offline marketing

A successful marketing includes both ways of marketing i.e; traditional and digital. Don’t ignore traditional marketing completely under the effect of online marketing. Offline marketing includes distributing leaflets, handling business cards. You can also attend local networking events. This is the best way to get customers as well as to make people aware of the products and services.

  1. Take Care of your customers

A satisfied customer is the best advertisement you can get. Listen to your customers, engage them in conversation, work on their feedbacks. This will help in building a positive relationship between you and your customers. Once you have a bunch of loyal customers, let them share their positive experience in their group circle.


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