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The 4 Ways To Start A Top Digital Marketing Plan
Digital Marketing
Emma Wilson
September 23, 2019

Taking off your jaded glasses is the first step to have any amount of achievement in digital marketing. If you tell us, “I’m having excellent success (in one or more digital channels),” we’re always going to ask, “What your checking account looks like?”

If you have problems with cash flow, get junk leads, or you can’t develop otherwise, something is really wrong. 

Nailing one or more of the 8 channels in digital marketing is your answer:

  • Inbound marketing 
  • Facebook ads 
  • Instagram advertisements 
  • Google Adwords 
  • YouTube Ads 
  • Email marketing (remarketing)
  • Website (SEO)
  • LinkedIn Ads

Now you have the channels, in any of those channels there are four ways to achieve a top-converting digital marketing plan:

1. DIY

DIY is a myth today. This worked before 2016— when success with DIY was feasible. Today, in lost leads and sales, any cash you “save” through DIY will cost you.

2. Hyper-DIY / Internal Business FTEs

Corporate entities sometimes take this path — employ internally and provide training or maintain a retainer advisor. This scheme is comparable to # 1 above, but in this scenario, you’re all going out.

3. Freelancer

Often, when everything else fails, entrepreneurs employ a freelancer — basically, if you have failed at DIY or are burned out, finding a freelancer is often a consideration.

Many go for some inexpensive performance-based job after a freelancer. You only pay with pure PB when you get outcomes. But before you can get the outcomes, you need the plan and structure — which for some is a quagmire because it means paying someone to set up the platform.

4. Agency

If you so wish, a really nice agency can launch your marketing on all 8 channels.

And they’re going to be adept at high-end things, not to mention being able to suggest tactics you haven’t thought of or tell you where to put your cash to produce the highest outcomes. 


Use your guts. If somebody doesn’t sound confident, your marketing will likely be messed up. 

Today it’s the lengthy game with any digital marketing channel. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking if you spend a couple of hundred bucks, tomorrow you’re going to be a millionaire. You begin, construct, and never stop with marketing. Happy marketing!

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