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Social media: A new-age marketer’s guide to success
Digital Marketing
Emma Wilson
September 10, 2019

You need to have your small business on social media. If you aren’t, you’re lacking advertising instruments that are inexpensive and efficient. With nearly 80 per cent of all individuals on social media, many can reach you through your social media campaigns.

Social media offers targeted capacity, reach and scale at a reduced price than nearly all other marketing channels. People are every day on social media – every day, brands must go where individuals are. 

Not every social media platform, however, fits every company well. In the platforms where you are most likely to achieve and communicate with your target audience, you should spend your time and abilities.

Learn about the top channels and how to use them for the company to select the best social media network for your company. Here are the basics of the most famous social media platforms you should understand. 


Facebook is still the most famous social media network, even with the latest leaks and adverse press, and every company should have a Facebook page. A Facebook page can be invaluable for tiny companies if used properly. For sharing everything from pictures to significant business updates, you can use Facebook. You have access to strong advertising instruments and thorough analytics with a business account. 

Business websites also have plenty of customization choices and you can highlight data such as your contact data, operating hours, the products and services you are offering, and much more.


Instagram is growing in popularity. There is no shortage of instruments that companies can use to promote their services and products from Instagram Live to Instagram Stories. Instagram is a visual platform based completely on messages from photography and video. 

It is important to note that this platform is almost entirely mobile: on the desktop version, you can not take pictures or generate fresh messages. More creative niches on Instagram tend to excel, and depending on your sector, it may not be the best fit for your company. Regardless, it is important to have a good eye for detail and at least basic photography skills for the person running your account, so the pictures and videos posted on your account are of high quality.


Although Twitter is good for brief updates and sharing connections to blog posts, it’s not for any company. Short tweets (240 characters or less), videos, pictures, links, surveys and more can be shared on Twitter. Interacting with users on this platform is also simple by mentioning users in your posts along with tweeting and liking.

You may want to skip this social media network if you’re a highly visual business or don’t have a blog. It is, however, an excellent instrument to spread the word rapidly if you have interesting content. Hashtags assist increase messages, and if you are retweeted by a user with lots of supporters, your content might go viral. But with Twitter, finding equilibrium is essential.


This visually focused platform enables users to save and show content by “pinning” digital newsletter boards that can be structured by category. The platform also has a number of unique pin kinds called Rich Pins, which can be used by brands to add specific information to their pins, such as product details and even location maps. Each pin contains a picture or a video.

Pinterest is good for companies with niches, but may not be good for every business. DIY projects, fashion, practice, beauty, photography and food are popular categories on the website.


YouTube is a platform for video sharing that allows individuals to view, upload, rate, share and comment on content. The site, now owned by Google, is an enormous news and entertainment hub.

Many YouTube companies have an element that is creative, visual or educational. In essence, the platform is strongly motivated by creativity, so having a tailor-made content-generating video editor is essential. However, there is no need for your company to market a channel on the platform. There is a YouTube influencer subculture that publishes frequent videos and often holds big audiences.


Although LinkedIn may not be the most famous platform for social media, it still has 260 million monthly users and is the highest professional networking platform. LinkedIn is an excellent platform to find top talent, paint yourself as a leader in the sector and promote your company.

LinkedIn is intended to be more professional than other platforms for social media. Users generate resumes-like profiles, and businesses can generate websites that showcase their company. Because LinkedIn is a professional platform, posting work openings and business culture data is the best location. To ask and answer questions, you can join industry-specific LinkedIn Groups. This enables your brand, paints you as an expert in the sector and takes individuals to the page and website of your company.

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