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Pros and Cons of PPC Marketing
Digital Marketing
Emma Wilson
August 20, 2019

Pros of PPC marketing are:

PPC offers retargeting or remarketing of your visitors

Remarketing describes efforts to reach people who have already visited your site. If you use PPC marketing, the process can be done quickly. Remarketing is a reliable method mainly because, most of the time, visitors do not change quickly from the first meeting. By using remarketing, you reach them all the time and you give your ad a great chance to turn it into a prospect or a sale. . Your PPC ads may appear on the search or display screen network.

PPC offers you quantifiable results

PPC leads are more measurable than SEO ones. Indeed, PPC networks such as Google AdWords provide different forms of statistics that allow website owners to know if their ads are really transforming and offer a reasonable return on investment. These metrics let you know how many people have seen your ad, the number of clicks on that ad, and the number of tasks performed.

PPC allows you to track return on investment with conversion pixels

If you are running a PPC project, you must identify the keywords, ads, and landing pages that are being transformed. Previously, this was difficult because it included keyword-level localization. However, with pixel tracking, the process is now pain free. Pixel tracking is easy to use with tracking code, a standard feature of most PPC services, including Adwords and Facebook Marketing

PPC gives you quick results

PPC is the method for you if you want to see fast results. Unlike SEO, this method does not need a lot of patience. It’s very easy to create a PPC campaign through Google AdWords or comparable channels from another online search engine. Just three basic steps. First, you must create an account. Then you need to create ads and quotes on keywords that your target audience will use to search for details on the search engines. Finally, you must direct them to a specific landing page for optimal performance. After that, just relax and wait for someone to click on your ad. And speaking of waiting, you do not have to wait long to see the results with PPC. Assuming you have excellent advertising and have followed the PPC project to the letter, your site will undoubtedly be up and running immediately, and you can also expect sales to materialize.

PPC is really affordable

Some people fear PPC advertising because of the high cost of advertising. With PPC, you do not have to pay for your ad to be inserted into a search engine by selecting the option Use click payment. Similarly, PPC allows you to define your own budget plan.

PPC allows you to track your ads in real time

With other types of online advertising, you will be able to see the results only months after the ads are put in place. Because PPC offers real-time tracking of ads, you can make adjustments instantly when an ad does not deliver the desired results.

PPC exposes your organization both in your area and in the world

One of the most exciting aspects of PPC marketing is that it gives advertisers the ability to manage where their ads are displayed. This makes PPC suitable for global and local brands, business owners and internet marketers.

PPC Supplies Greater control

If you are someone who wants to have more control over your online marketing campaign, PPC marketing is the most perfect method for you. With PPC channels such as AdWords, you have the right to choose the page where you want visitors to go. If you are the type of online marketing specialist or website that wants visitors to your website to follow a specific path, you need to do PPC marketing.

Some Cons of PPC marketing are:

PPC marketing is rather complicated

In fact, many customers have asked us for help with their PPC advertising projects because they just could not find out. The PPC is extremely complicated compared to the old way of doing things (involving an excellent old SEO).

PPC advertising is really expensive

This naturally leads to the next disadvantage of PPC advertising: it can be downright expensive, really fast! I’ve seen misled customers burn a few thousand dollars of their AdWords spending budget in one day, as they were looking for keywords that were not rewarding and forgot they had to spend every click, even though these “remote controls” do not buy.

People tend to disregard sponsored ads

A recent Google survey found that 85% of respondents say they ignore sponsored ads. It is true. I confess to silence advertising when I search for or post a status update on Facebook, which is unfortunate for PPC ads that are trying to get me to click.

Individuals are skeptical about advertising

The reality in life is that people around the world have become skeptical about advertising, made up of CPD. Marketing efforts are considered negatively because, let’s face it, people understand that you are trying to sell them something. And individuals do not like being offered or stunned by advertising when they try to surf the web for status information or updates on their favorite social media. Remember, if you use PPC marketing as an important marketing technique, the odds (negative customer reaction to your ads) are already playing against you.

Choosing the wrong PPC marketing company

When I say that there are thousands and thousands of Pay Per Click advertising companies offering businesses the sun and the moon as far as the king for their sponsored links services – I turn a deaf ear. There are a lot of marketing companies and independent suppliers who can talk, but unfortunately, many of them can not walk around. It’s easy not to know what the outcome will be in a rather vague industry. This does not mean that you can not be particular in the companies you use for your paid marketing.

It is always wise to choose a marketing company based on a recommendation from a trusted source, such as a friend or colleague. Although many large companies have a full and experienced staff, they can offer your ads a lot of visibility (suggesting that your keywords will get a great position in the advertised ad). Choose your PPC services from a trusted company that can offer recommendations to your customers, as well as take the time to discuss sponsored advertising with you to find out how you are investing your money and effort.

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