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Print and Digital Compatibility in 2019
Digital Marketing
Emma Wilson
October 12, 2019

Diwali is around the corner and while most buyers are thinking of purchasing and packaging the presents, most company owners are trying to sort out their Q1 advertising budgets and tactics.

Through combining print and online, you get the most marketing return on your investment. Although digital channels such as search and social media offer significant Cost Per Lead (CPL), printing builds confidence, reputation, and pushes major action. To order to get the highest possible ROI, we strongly recommend combining the print and digital strategies this Diwali. There are five ways to do this:

1. QR Code:

QR codes are a way of connecting your digital assets to your print collateral. So, maybe you figured the QR codes had come and gone, but you’d be really, really incorrect.

2. Think about your ‘Better-half’:

You know when you’re engaged to someone else that you’ve become a part of a different whole already. And when making decisions, you have to worry about that other third. You also have to deal with advertising about the other third. If you’re conducting an email campaign, talk about how you can offline help your efforts. Consider how each quarter (offline or online) should accentuate and help the other to ensure that your project is a successful whole.

3. Make use of the digital data

Understand that all digital information can allow you to refine your activities offline. Let’s presume that the article you posted on LinkedIn about juicing advantages got a lot of traffic. You’re going to want to build an online promo and/or direct mail around that campaign and maybe send juicers coupons. The more information you obtain, the more actionable knowledge you have at your fingertips.

4. Landing Pages and CTAs go hand-in-hand

The strong call-to-action (CTA) is one of the most effective marketing techniques – if used properly. Offline CTAs operate just as well as online. Many customers simply don’t know what step you would like them to take next without CTAs. Make sure to include good CTAs on all the print ads that will guide readers to a landing page and take them to the marketing funnel further. Think before getting them to the absolute best landing page, and create the print strategy around it.

5. Marry custom publishing for campaigns for Social Media

Before addressing the potential of incorporating variable printing with your social media campaigns, we can not think about merging online and print effectively. Inviting your followers on social media to sign up for free trials through an online social ad would be a simple way to do this, says a Facebook ad. You would then approach certain digital interest groups with a direct mail program. Facebook makes it incredibly simple because it has many pretty sweet means of reaching users outside age and gender.

Online and print convergence is a practice that we expect you to pursue in the coming year. When you allow all of your online and off advertising efforts to support each other, you can increase the likelihood of customer satisfaction when adding value at every touchstone.

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