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How To Build Mobile App: The Ultimate Guide
Digital Marketing
Emma Wilson
July 30, 2019

Now that you are interested in this topic of building a mobile app it is very important to keep in mind some important points that will be required to build the mobile app. The most important thing being is building-up the app. There are certain clauses such as Mobile Coding, Designing, WireFraming, Testing, etc.  

Select the right platform:

iOS and Android have so far been the two dominant mobile operating systems. Selecting the right platform for your app depends on your targeted audience for improved outcomes. If your product is not out in the market yet, learn the features and design that will create your app’s experience. You won’t need to make big changes across multiple devices which can be expensive. We recommend, build an app for one platform, one device first and once it gets right, then expand to other platforms and devices.

UX/UI Design:

User Experience (UX) describes how an app works, from the user’s experience. User Interface (UI) discovers how an app interacts and looks to a user. The key to avoiding app getting uninstall is a well organized and properly designed UI. It must work with a clear understanding of business and operations. A good UI design is backed by its efficiency of key tasks, ease of use and simplicity of the layout. 

Mobile Payment Gateway:

The safe and secure way for a mobile user to wire money to your account in exchange for your product/service is a mobile payment gateway. There are various payment gateways available for integration into your app for example, PayPal, Paycharge and many others. The choice depends upon the requirements, the price and the comfort you need. 


There are millions of apps out there in the global mobile application market; to stand out amongst them is becoming challenging day by day. To make it a big success, you must build an accurate marketing strategy and timely execution. Marketing your app is as vital as creating it. Integrating social media, burst marketing, press releases,  digital marketing, store optimization, SEO services etc will help your app positioning in the market.

The steps of building a new app are not fixed but rather a guideline to building your app most effectively based on experience. Once you’re ready to start, you must also know that building a mobile app is the easiest part. Getting customers on-board is where the challenge lies.

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