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How Social Intelligence Can Lead To A Better Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing
Emma Wilson
July 11, 2019

As a human species we are socially quite empathetic. So much so that we are always wired to socialise. Around 42% of people still prefers to have in-person interaction. It can be easily grasped that no matter how digitalised we have become our inherent desire to interact/connect always remains. 

‘Social Intelligence’ is defined as a person’s ability to understand and manage other people, and to engage in adaptive social interactions. It is the capacity to know oneself and to know others. Social scientist Ross Honeywill believes ‘Social Intelligence’ is an aggregated measure of social-awareness, and to manage complex social changes. A good socially intelligent person has the ability to understand relationships and communications. There are a few components of social intelligence, including good listening skills, knowledge of social norms, and the ability to “read” people and make a good impression that impacts your marketing tactics.

This is important because understanding how people think and react, as well as, how to communicate and listen effectively (especially to customers), is the key for modern marketing campaigns to be successful. So is it important to build a socially intelligent team that can influence customers and impact on marketing? And do you think having good social interactions and social mindfulness is important for communicating marketing messages to customers? Let’s see the advantages and skills that comes into play when having a good skill set of social intelligence:  

Customer Engagement 

Having an understanding of social intelligence skills is crucial when it comes to joining conversations with customers on social media. Engaging with customers in social media spaces has become very crucial to business success. It plays an important role in terms of both addressing customer service issues and also gathering important information on what they want from a business.

Market Research

Another impact of social intelligence on marketing is in market research. Social intelligence gives you a better understanding of insights you receive from customer data and allows you to ask good questions to push your marketing forward. 

Strategizing and Planning 

Having socially intelligent marketing team members is important when it comes to planning and strategizing. Social intelligence allows you to think and plan for interactions that may be caused by marketing efforts. It also helps you to plan what are the best ways to reach your audience through marketing might be and allows you to communicate with customers more effectively.

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