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3 Habits Every Startup Founder must inculcate To Avoid Failure
Emma Wilson
June 22, 2018

Your mental stability should be your most important concern for making your startup future safe and secure. According to a report based on the recent survey, a lot of young entrepreneur in India, end up over work, suffering from extreme anxiety and stress in few months just after the launch of their startup which shows that mental stability and health should be your most important concern for making your startup future safe and secure.

Your new business might be your dream project, you are going to live it in open eyes and for this, you don’t want to leave any stone unturned. But working on continuously can’t provide you with a better solution. You must have to sleep at least for 7-8 hours a day to keep your mind healthy and fresh and even also you need 1 or 2 hours for yourself also.

Your idea may have the weightage of millions but it can be successful only when it is properly implemented and a right implementation can only work with good health otherwise it can’t be sustainable.

Here are these 3 Habits which must be inculcated by Startup Founder To Avoid Failure:

1. Set yourself as your priority-

Throughout the day you have to make sure that you and your health is your first priority as you can’t execute your tasks well with poor health. Just give time to yourself and do at least two-three activities which you like the most. It can be anything like running, gyming or reading books. Schedule your day with these few activities along with working on your startup. So self-prioritization is like the foundation on which you can build your startup.

2. Delegate your responsibility to your team members-

You can’t handle everything on your own, no matter how passionate you are for your dream project But yes there is a possibility that u may not have that much of resources to hire a big team but you can have a small team and you have to just delegate your work to your team in a systematic way.

The key is to maintain a right balance between the work you love to do and the work you don’t.

Keep update yourself on why did you choose to be an entrepreneur and note down the reasons and read when you have free time. If u will not assign your work you will end up frustrated and distressed.

3. Count your every Task-

Milestones you have to go can’t be cover in one day. You have to count your every task even it is a small task in order to achieve your vision. As it is your startup live your journey and cherish each and every moment of it. You deserve to hold the tiniest accomplishments.

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